Short Recipe Books

Hello, and welcome to 'Dol's Kitchen'.

These are series of short Vegetarian and Vegan recipe books with options for non-Vegetarians and Vegans to enjoy.

There will be selective choices of recipes with influences and inspirations from parts of the world that I have visited and those from my birthplace, Brunei Darussalam. 

These strong influences from the Mediterranean and Asian countries have given me the opportunity to share the healthy and wholesome recipes that I have created. 

I remember the countries that I visited when I was touring with Simply Red, James Taylor Quartet and a mini-tour in Morocco with the local pop celebrity at the time, Hassan Iddedir. 

Visiting and working in Perugia and Rome in Italy, Barcelona and Madrid in Spain and Marrakesh and Tunisia in Morocco brings back fond memories of eating freshly cooked meals backstage by the caterers who were local chefs. It’s all about taste, taste and glorious taste! Spices, seasonings and herbs play an all-important part in the creation of these vibrant dishes which can be found in the 'Dol's Kitchen' recipe book.

There are few recipes in this book dedicated to Asian Fusion cooking and I mean, fusion, just because most of the ingredients used in preparing the dishes can be a cross over with other recipes from various parts of Asia; Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and Malaysia. 

I am happy to share recipes from my childhood growing up in Brunei Darussalam and also from friends and family who have inspired me with their amazing skills in creating such delicious meals that are tasty and nutritious. Home cooking at its best!

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Cakes & Treats

Having a sweet tooth and working out ways I can have my treats without affecting my health and at the same time not compromising on taste, craving and satisfaction, is a challenge in itself for me.

But, I have found so many alternatives for sweetening and using ingredients that are natural, gluten and wheat-free that will still create the cake, cupcake, puddings and other delightful naughty treats just as tasty and moreish as those with ingredients that I am intolerant or allergic to.

From chocolate, coconut, lemon, orange, apples and pears, strawberry and raspberry flavoured treats to fruit compotes and winter puddings...Oh…heaven….

Below are just a few of the images of home-made cakes that are either Vegan or Vegetarian.

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