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The past gives way to the person that becomes either a leader or procrastinator or even a hero. Fending for themselves as part of a large family of seven, the trials and tribulations of five brothers, their father and long-suffering mother from poverty to riches, civilian to renegade and their survival against all odds. 
A poignant story of their lives' journey, past to present, from a village in Southern India to a small town, North of England in Lancashire.



'Red nectar, deep, luscious, velvety and smooth, can you rid of my dilemma, what I must do with my life? Push the deep seated-doubts 'if I am ever good enough', to oblivion. Surely you must know what you are doing. Tasting you only draws me in, deeper and deeper into the warm, heady sensations that only you can exude...'

Trudie, thirty-four, feeling torn between giving up her alcohol addiction and a  hedonistic life filled with indecisions, erratic mood swings, partying and one without any life-changing prospects that are good and fulfilling. The comical story of one woman's plight to find a fulfilling life with her long-suffering friend, Sam in tow.  



'Beautiful child, innocent and sweet. No matter where you are, life will be full of joy and challenges which you will no doubt, meet. Staring, questioning, hoping and believing; eyes that tell her story of her wishes and desire, to never be poor again. Living, smiling, engaging, this life I seek.'
Abhaya, child of the streets, beggar, urchin and thief. Homeless and without parents except for an elderly aunt who has emphysema and can hardly work. Little Abhaya takes on the greatest challenge of her young life, to look after her only living relative that she knows at whatever cost.