Previews and Latest Writings

Here are my latest writings which are works in progress. You can pre-order and you will be informed of the completion dates of these novels.

Gypsy Girl ~ ' so dark….eyes that bear deep into your soul, ….torn in the present and the past,  will she survive,  will she outlive those  who betrayed her trust….’

Leanne, an orphan was brought up in a convent boarding school, fell into the wrong crowd throughout her young adult life with drinks and drugs and finally meeting Eric, who gave her the emotional and financial security she craved for. They met when Eric was a successful owner of a chain of hairdressing salons which was the brainchild of his wife Candy who left him after eighteen years of marriage. As a birthday gift, Eric surprised Leanne with a flight to New York with all expenses paid and for her to meet an old friend of his and his family in Staten Island, NY where she would stay for five days. On the day of her return to England, she was detained at the airport as her hand luggage was taken away by customs officers for further investigation and after a long interrogation and a dissatisfying outcome of the investigation, she was taken to a correction facility in Manhattan late that evening. This was the beginning of her horrific journey to proving her innocence and her strong determination for her survival. Will she find out the real truth behind Eric's wife's absence?

Judith James 2017©

Ghosts In The Mirror ~ Property developer Sebastian Faulkes has worked hard to build his business and has always relied on his close friend and overseer of his building projects, Rory McLeod. Rory was a childhood friend whom he trusted explicitly and was responsible for his growing empire until that fateful day when Rory lost his fight to live through a tragic accident whilst Sebastian was away on vacation. Through his grieving and being engulfed with guilt, Sebastian compensated by working all hours, for the loss of his good friend and would spend a few hours at the nearby pub, drinking before heading home.

One evening, slightly drunk and with heavy rain and poor visibility, he knocked a young girl down as she was delivering the evening papers on his way home. He panicked and sped away and later found out the tragic death of the girl from the local newspaper. He was afraid to inform the police of what happened. He had his reputation at stake.

A few years later, he met Amelia who gave him the hope he needed to start afresh as his marriage was falling apart. The following summer, they agreed it was a natural step for them to be living together and during their first few months in their new home, a freak accident caused Amelia her life leaving Sebastian a shadow of himself, spiralling down to a hedonistic existence, losing all connection and trust with those he loved and cared for and especially his children and estranged wife. His property empire suffered through mismanagement and embezzlement, and his contemplation of suicide looms closely.  Amelia, Rory, the young girl... and losing his children and business, were constant reminders that haunt him without a moments peace. Can he be saved?

Judith James 2017©

Tough Love ~ Beatrice and Evangeline have a strong bond and commitment to each other no matter what challenges they faced. An underlying sibling rivalry causes a rift between them through their teenage and young adult lives.

Their parents knew the only way they could have a better quality of life is to send the girls to boarding school while they were still young whilst it gave them the time to secure themselves with jobs and a place to stay in London before the girls returned. It was a fresh start for all of them.

It was also the beginning of Bernadette’s illness with mental health issues and the extreme measures that were taken to help her through living her life as normally as possible. With the consistent love and compassion shown by her parents,  immediate family and close friends, brought about her recovery but there were times that every effort made was in vain.

A heart-warming story of trials and tribulations, the bond and love between parents and their children; and especially between two sisters.

Judith James 2017©

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Wanting Series

Three heart-warming novellas based on the desire to change life's adversities to positive outcomes.

‘WANTING to Love’ ~ Carla’s vowed that she would not let anyone take the place of Tom and the love they had for each other. She was not prepared to let someone else fill the void in her life that she had cherished for so long. She couldn’t do it. It would be like betraying Tom.

Carla resigns to the fact that she won't find the kind of love she had with Tom ever again. Theirs was a special bond and were childhood sweethearts which left her bereft when the doctors detected a tumour that was in its secondary stages and there was nothing more they can do except to make Tom's life as comfortable as possible. They decided that they would travel to Italy and have a long vacation at their beloved holiday cottage in Tuscany which they frequented every year since they have been together. During their stay there, Carla met a young doctor from the village surgery who was assigned to look after Tom with his treatments and medication. She knew that Tom would want her to be happy again once the inevitable happened but she vowed to stay single in Tom's memory. Will she have a change of heart and love again?’

Copyright © 2017 Judith James

‘WANTING to Love’~ Toby knew that in time he would break away from the hands of his bullying and alcoholic step-father. Bullied at school ever since at a young age until he was old enough for college and deeply wishing that he could take his mother away from it all.  Determined to excel in his studies, he was assured that his academic performance will gain him a scholarship that was pending which he knew would make his mother very happy but kept the news from his step-dad. It would only be met with sarcasm and loathing. Something had to change, he couldn’t see what he could do as it was making his mother unhappy as the days and months went by, until that fated day.

Copyright © 2017 Judith James

‘WANTING to Forgive is about Lydia’s inability to find the strength and need to forgive.

‘Lydia had planned an easy day with a well-deserved lie-in and some catching up with her favourite television series. A chilled bottle of Prosecco in the fridge which will later accompany her lunch of grilled king prawn salad. Feeling relaxed, she started her day on her sofa with her morning coffee, switched the television on for the morning news and could not believe her eyes. The face of Alan Parkes was on the morning news; being investigated about the grooming of young boys and girls and the police were searching his house for further evidence. She felt an immediate repulsion on seeing him and with a sinking heart, the memories when she was thirteen years old came flooding back with a vengeance. Alan was her father's business associate and family friend and regularly stayed at their house at weekends. She will never forget that fateful night when he visited her in her room, unannounced and uninvited.

Copyright © 2017 Judith James