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Are you looking for the next great book to read? Have a look at a few titles below. Since the beginning of 2017, I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked on several books which I’m always happy to share with readers. These books are currently in the process of completing. Please contact me to pre-book your copies today. If you would like a preview of your choice of book in the 'WANTING' series, please fill in the 'Get In Touch' column with your email address and request on the home page.


Toby, aged four, has a new step dad. His mum had finally found a decent man who would regard Toby as his own. In the years to come, changes in the dynamics of the relationship between the step father, Keith and his step son gradually deteriorates. Keith loses his job and the frustrations and discontentment that were building up contributed to the daily alcohol fuelled arguments and disputes between him and Toby's mother, Magdalena. Keith's impatience grew worse as Toby got older, making him miserable and insignificant. He feared for his mother's life and all he could ever think of was running away and taking his mum with him. Will he do it or will he stay and survive the consequences. 

​​Judith James 2017©


Carla thinks that she won't find the love she had with Tom again. Theirs was a special bond and they were childhood sweethearts. It left her bereft when Tom was informed by their doctor that after repeated tests, an aggressive tumour was detected and has spread to the rest of his body. There was nothing more the doctors and specialists could do can do. Carla took it into her hands to make Tom's life as comfortable as possible. They both agreed that they would travel to Italy and have a long vacation indefinitely at their beloved holiday cottage in Tuscany which they frequented every year since they have been together. During their stay there, Carla met a young local doctor who was assigned to look after Tom with his medication. She knew that Tom would want her to be happy again once the inevitable happened but she vowed to stay single in Tom's memory. Will she have a change of heart and love again?

Judith James 2017©


Saturday morning, Lydia had planned an easy day with a well-deserved lie-in and watching her favourite television series later on. A chilled bottle of Prosecco in the fridge will later accompany her lunch of grilled king prawn salad. Feeling relaxed, and looking forward to starting her day on her sofa with a coffee before breakfast. She switched the television on and could not believe her eyes. Alan Parkes was on the morning news. He was being investigated about the grooming of young boys and girls and the police were searching his house for further evidence. She felt sick and repulsed on seeing him. Her heart sank to the deep-rooted memories when she was thirteen years old. It came flooding back with a vengeance. Alan was her father's business associate, unmarried and a family friend. He regularly stayed at their house at weekends. She will never forget that fateful night when he visited her in her room, unannounced and uninvited.

Judith James 2017©



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